All you need is an idea to sell, the rest you can find in mademine.

Discover how you can sell merchandise with mademine.

We can take care of:

  • Shopify site design

If you don't know how to build a shopify site, you can find us in mademine to help you.

  • Product listing & development

You can choose our current products for your site listing directly, or you can share with us your idea for new products . We can help with your new product development also.

  • Production

We will finish production in 3-5 business days and go through the quality control process to make sure each order is correct before shipping. fulfill on your shopify site automatically.

  • Packing

We will ship your customized package with your drop shipping orders.

  • Shipping

We’ll ship the product straight to your customer without our logo. You’ll only have to decide on the shipping rates.

  • Fulfillment

We will fulfill your shopify orders automatically with tracking number in advance before real shipment.

So you only need focus on 2 points:

  • Selection

Just choose what you want to sell on mademine and synchronize to your shopify store, at the same time you will own our online preview function for free to help you win more orders definitely.

  • Marketing

Do what you do best, marketing on social media, google, TikTok etc to get your sales soon.


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  • Soufeel Jewelry limited

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